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It has been so long since I last shared with you some music, but it was worth the wait. The duo I am introducing to you is the crème de la crème of smart electro pop. Their song are just so beautifully melancholic and lovely, meaning they are made for me!
Listen to my favorite songs of them.


Just an amazing young rapper who really needs more recognition! These are only a few of my favorite songs of him. If you like what you see go to his Soundcloud page and listen to his music some more and like his Facebook page!
PS: want to blush? listen to this and pay attention to the lyrics.


Glee Cast - O Holy Night

Cold Play - Christmas Lights

Ariana Grande & Liz Gilles - Chestnuts

Andrew Belle - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


La Vie En Rose

Baby, It's Cold Outside

just gotta love the 50ies for these kind of songs. Plus it fit's perfectly to the weather and my mood.

Pop Love 2012

The year is about to end and we can enjoy some absolutely brilliant mashups such as this one by Robin Skouteris.

By My Side

by David Choi. His voice is just golden and the video is adorably cute. My song for daydreaming on the bus...


My best friend sent me this song the other day and since then I violated the repeat button (he knows me so well). This song fits perfectly in the winter-fall-ish mood of mine and I can not keep this from the world. Thank you, Phil.

Kanye West

I know this is really old, but because I am a huuuge Kanye West fan, I need to share this stunning mash-up of my favorite XX-song and Mr. West himself with you guys. This is one of the combinations that fits so perfectly, it makes me think "Why didn't you do it in the first place, music artists???" I adore this so much that, if the apocalypse is on this december, I will chose this as my final soundtrack. haha.


by the German duo Ich + Ich. Sometimes I wish the real life would be as in a music video...


by Farreoh & Archie

Kiss Me Slowly

by Parachute. This is so sweet... sweeter than macarons and baiser together.


The best sample of "Pumped Up Kicks" I've heard so far. I'm more a winter person, but this makes me miss the summer in the back yard. Go ahead and download his mixtape, it's free and gooood!

Coeur De Pirate

Recommended to me by a French friend and I fell in love with this song.

Andrew Belle...

...awesome singer/songwriter and his lyrics are always sophisticated!
If you like what you hear support him on Facebook and Youtube or simply on

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